ALEMENT is a highly successful firm of consulting engineers, specializing in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering and is the largest of its kind in Bulgaria.

We work on some of the highest profile projects in the industry and with leading architects, designers and contractors. We are currently working on projects across all main market sectors, ranging from small studies and reports to projects valued at more than $100 million.

ALEMENT Ltd was founded in 2012 as an alliance of leading experts with over 30 years’ experience in the field of MECHNICAL (HVAC), ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING ENGINEERING SERVICES - MEP. We offer you a unique blend of engineering services. Our experts allow you to create spaces that generate profits, while reducing energy costs. Our engineering skills also help make expansion decisions easy, reduce bid contingencies and risk, troubleshoot code requirements, and speed permitting and construction. We take a special, adversarial approach while providing guidance through all stages of the project. We communicate openly with contractors, and assist the design team to achieve the desired result - a project completed to your satisfaction, on time and in budget.

ALEMENT Ltd designs MEP services for infrastructure, new buildings and upgrade projects, with a focus on innovative, low energy consuming solutions. We design for mixed-use projects, data centers, offices, hotels, airports, residential, public, retail and high rise. Owner requirements, code issues, architectural needs, and budget constraints are thoroughly evaluated as part of the design process. Solutions to these issues are designed and implemented to provide engineered systems based on the best available and most practical technology. Our client base includes architects, building contractors, mechanical consultants, electrical companies, construction companies, providers from around the globe.

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